Archéologie Gallo-romaine

Xavier carton plan fana margeride
Margeride's (France) Fana rendered with V-Ray
Xavier carton voeux13 cg19
jaillant's (France) Fanum Rendered with V-Ray photoshop compositing
Xavier carton plan 01
Macelum de Lugdunum Rendered with V-ray
Xavier carton fana margeride 02
Real time Margeride's (France) Fana Rendered in UDK
Xavier carton villa des cares 03
Real time villa des cares (France) Rendered in UDK
Xavier carton aqueduc du gier 01
Real time aqueduc du Gier (France) Rendered in Cryengine
Xavier carton fontaine st laurent d agny 01
Real time fontaine St Laurent D'Agny Rendered with Cryengine

Some images of my work for the video documentary studio, court-jus production.